Sea Kayaking Kolocep Island: Cliffs and Caves
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Half and full-day tours cater to vacationers who have already chosen Dubrovnik as their holiday destination and want an active and engaging way to experience the region. Day tours offer visitors the opportunity to view Dubrovnikʼs majestic walls and towers from the sea, to venture to smaller islands away from tourist crowds, and to enjoy nature.

Touring by kayak gives you an intimate view of Dalmatia. The islands are small and close together, so paddling by kayak is an ideal way see a great deal in a single day. Kolocep: Cliffs and Caves begins with car transport to Zaton Bay, 10 km. north of Dubrovnik.

Reservations can be made for all day tours up to one day in advance at AKTʼs office in Dubrovnik or at your hotel concierge or local tourist information center. Reservations may be made up to seven days in advance online. No deposit is required for reserving a day trip.

Day tours can be combined into a 2-4 day custom tour packages. Please contact us for a consultation today.

Koločep Island: Cliffs and Caves

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Activity Level: Moderate, 15 km
9 AM at Adriatic Kayak Tours office
Full-Day Tour
daily 9 a.m.
400Kn / €55 / US $70

Kayakers who venture to Koločep are rewarded with a sweeping vista of steep cliffs that rise abruptly from the sea, revealing dramatic wind-carved caves. Visit the island’s two small settlements, hike its shady walking trails, and fill your dry bag with homemade jams, dried herbs, candied fruits, and virgin olive oil purchased from a local family. Paddle to an unforgettable lunch at a charming seaside restaurant in one of the island’s small settlements. Highlights include snorkeling in Blue Cave, swimming in a secluded cove surrounded by towering cliffs, walking through pine forest and citrus groves, feasting on grilled sea bass or steamed mussels, and paddling home with some tasty Koločep Island delicacies.

A crossing and full circumnavigation of Koločep island is roughly four to five hours of kayaking: 2 to 2.5 hours in the morning, a leisurely break for lunch, swimming, and island exploration, and 2 to 2.5 hours kayaking back to Zaton Bay in the afternoon. In the case of unfavorable weather or rough seas, the itinerary may be shortened to the crossing from the mainland, paddling a portion of the island’s coastline, and more time to walk and relax on the island.

What To Bring

Drinking water, sun protection (sunscreen hat, sunglasses), and money for lunch. A towel and camera are optional. Wear a bathing suit with clothes over. AKT supplies all of your kayak and snorkeling gear, including aqua shoes for kayaking, swimming, and walking on the rocky shoreline. We supply dry bags for your personal items (wallet, camera, clothes, towel, and phone), which stay dry in your dry bag stored in your kayak bulkhead compartments while you are kayaking. These items are available while you are on the island. In cooler weather we supply waterproof paddle jackets. You may want a set of dry clothes for the return drive. On Koločep you have time to hike, swim, snorkel, explore small villages, cliff-jump, relax, and eat lunch.

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