Kayak with Our Knowledgable Guides: Make Your Stop in Dubrovnik Memorable

What to Bring
Kayak Tours: Bring a bottle of drinking water and sun protection (sunscreen hat, sunglasses). A towel, camera, and money are optional. Wear a bathing suit with clothes over. AKT supplies all of your kayak and snorkeling gear, including aqua shoes for kayaking, swimming, and walking on the rocky shoreline. We supply dry bags for your personal items (wallet, camera, clothes, towel, and phone), which stay dry in your dry bag stored in your kayak bulkhead compartments while you are kayaking.

Bike Tours: Bring a bottle of drinking water and sun protection. Dress in cotton shorts and T-shirt or athletic wear; sturdy sandals or sneakers for footwear.

Bring cash (Croatia adopted the euro [€] as its currency on 1 January 2023) if you want to purchase food or drinks while kayaking or cycling.

Zaton Bay 1/2 Day Custom Kayak Tour

describe the imageActivity Level: Easy, 8 km
Pick-up at your cruise ship
Full-Day Tour
: tour starting time depends on the arrival of your ship
Price 2-4 people:
€320,00  Price 5-8 people: €400,00 

Just 10 km north of Dubrovnik, Zaton Bay is a place of natural beauty and tranquility. The deep bay, surrounded by mountain ridges, offers calm seas and natural protection from Dalmatia’s characteristic coastal winds and busy motor boat traffic surrounding Old City- the perfect place to start paddling.

Paddle across the bay to a sea side cafe for a cold drink; to a private cove just outside the bay to swim, snorkel and cliff-jump, or to near-by Daksa Island for a taste of the open sea.

Koločep Island - Cliffs and Caves Custom Tour

describe the imageActivity Level: Moderate, 15 km

Departures: Pick-up at your cruise ship
Full-Day Tour
: tour starting time depends on the arrival of your ship
Price 2-4 people (also for 3 Islands; Pedal & Paddle):
€420,00 Price 5-8 people: €475,00 

Kayakers who venture to Koločep are rewarded with a sweeping vista of steep cliffs that rise abruptly from the sea, revealing dramatic wind-carved caves. Visit the islandʼs two small settlements, hike its shady walking trails, and paddle to an unforgettable lunch in a charming seaside restaurant on the island.

Cruise Ship FAQ

Q. Our ship docks in Dubrovnik from ____ until ____. What tours will we be able to make?

  • 8-9 am until 9 pm -- you have time for any of our normally scheduled tours
  • 8 am until 6-7 pm -- Zaton Bay AM Tour, Konavle Bike Tour, or Koločep: Cliffs and Caves Full Day Tour
  • 8 am until 3 pm -- Zaton Bay AM Tour
  • 2 pm until 9 pm -- Zaton Bay PM Tour

If your ship's schedule does not match with any of the regularly scheduled tours, we suggest that you book a custom tour for your group of 2-13 people. A custom tour includes a dedicated guide for your group as well as flexible starting and ending times. Pick up can be arranged at your ship's docking location.

Q. Where will my boat dock?

A. Dubrovnik has two possible cruise-ship docking places. Old City harbor, near Old City, and the Port of Gruz. From Gruz you can walk, bus or taxi to Old City for our pick up location at the Hilton Hotel.

Q. How do I get to the tour starting point?

A. Regularly scheduled Zaton Bay 1/2 day kayak tours (9 AM or 3 PM), Koločep: Cliffs and Caves full day kayak tours, and Konavle bike tours meet at the Hilton Hotel parking garage near the Pile gate entrance to Old City. Custom Tours pick up at your cruise ship.

Inquire About a Cruise-Friendly Tour