Zaton Bay and Beyond Kayak Tour

Activity Level: Easy, 8 km
Price per person:  € 58,00
Morning Tour: 9 a.m.-1 p.m / Afternoon Tour: 3-7 p.m.
Meeting Location: Adriatic Kayak Tours office

Reserve a 1/2 Day Zaton Bay Custom Tour.  customize a 1/2 day Zaton Bay for your group: includes your own dedicated guide and custom pick up & drop off locations
Priced per group:  2-4 people: € 260,00           5-8 people: € 370,00

Just 10 km north of Dubrovnik, Zaton Bay is a place of natural beauty and tranquility. The deep bay, surrounded by mountain ridges, offers calm seas and natural protection from Dalmatia’s characteristic coastal winds and busy motor boat traffic surrounding Old City- the perfect place to start paddling.

A paddle around the bay reveals an old stone mill fed by bubbling underground springs and lovely aristocratic stone villas from Dubrovnik’s Renaissance. Where the bay meets the open sea, paddlers are rewarded with views of the near-by Elafiti Islands and a rugged coastline of towering cliffs and caves. Paddle to a private cove camouflaged by coastal cliffs- the perfect spot to swim, snorkel, cliff-jump, and relax on the beach or stop at one of the small villages for a cold drink.

Konavle Beach Hike & Winery Tour- summer tour

Activity Level: Easy, 7 km
Start Time: 10 a.m.-2 p.m./ 3-7 p.m.
Price per person:  € 70,00 (Four-person minimum. Lunch and wine tasting included)
Custom Tour for less than 4: € 240,00 / group
Meeting Location: Adriatic Kayak Tours office

The walk from Konavle’s coastal road winds through the narrow streets of a rural village of roughly 15 old stone houses. Beyond the village the single lane road continues towards the sea, ending at towering limestone cliffs overlooking the deep blue Adriatic. Far below Konavle’s rugged cliffs lies one of the Adriatic’s most beautiful secluded beaches- a secret the locals intend to keep to themselves. A well-maintained trail carved into the cliffs descends some 200 feet to a private pebble beach framed by crystal clear water and Konavle’s famous coastal cliffs.

Enjoy beach time and a dip in the sea on one of the Mediterranean’s most magnificent and untouched pieces of coastline.

The walk ends at a family owned wine tavern in the small village. The family’s history in the region dates back to the 1430s; countless generations have continued the family tradition of farming and producing high quality wines. Sample the local Plavac Mali and Merlot (red wines) and Malvasija (white wine indigenous to the Konavle region) and dine on local, organic specialties: prosciutto, homemade bread, cheese, salad, olive oil, and traditional dessert pastry

Konavle Beach Hike & Winery Tour- shoulder season tour

Activity Level: Moderate, 12 km
Start Time: 10 a.m. AKT office
Price per person: € 70,00 (Four-person minimum. Lunch and wine tasting included)
Custom Tour for less than 4:  € 240,00 group
Meeting Location: Adriatic Kayak Tours office

Trek well-maintained trails on a crest above the Konavle valley, south of Dubrovnik. With nearly every step atop the Strazisce hill starting from a small village of Velji Dol, a new panorama opens with soaring vistas hanging above the sea, Montenegrin mountains, Bosnian countryside and, of course the islands of Southern Dalmatia. 

After a light hike, we take a short drive to a family owned vineyard and cellar, where a light lunch of local prosciutto, cheese, figs, salad, and olive oil accompanies a wine making presentation. Varieties include Merlot, white Dubrovnik Malvasia, and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Morning kayak tours start at 9 AM; Konavle bike and hike tours start at 10 AM, meeting at Adriatic Kayak Tours office for car transport.  Afternoon kayak tours meet at Adriatic Kayak Tours office at 3 PM in high season; 2 PM in shoulder season. Half day tours are roughly 4.5 hours.


Half and full-day tours cater to vacationers who have already chosen Dubrovnik as their holiday destination and want an active and engaging way to experience the region. Day tours offer visitors the opportunity to view Dubrovnikʼs majestic walls and towers from the sea, to venture to smaller islands away from tourist crowds, and to enjoy nature.

Inquire about a Half Day Tour

Reservations can be made for all day tours up to one day in advance at AKTʼs office in Dubrovnik or at your hotel concierge or local tourist information center. Reservations may be made up to seven days in advance online. No deposit is required for reserving a day trip.