Kayaking Croatia: A Day on Lopud Island
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Kayaking Croatia: A Day on Lopud Island


Our morning starts off hazy but it's clear by the time the ferry pulls into Lopud, the Elaphite Island where we're spending the day.  Lopud is known as a "living island" because about 200 people make their permanent residence here.  Some folks produce their own wine or olive oil on the island and many have impressive gardens.  However, not everything can be produced on the island.  As we unload with our dry bags and sunscreen, men pass with crates of apricots and baskets of bread.  Several large fish disembark alongside of us and later we watch as a man washes them in the clear bay water and guts them just ashore.

After a quick kayak tutorial and safety demonstration, we're cutting our way across the bay and around the western side of Lopud Island. It's not twenty minutes before a pod of dolphins surfaces to our right.  Hawking swallows swoop from the cliffs nearby.  It's low tide, so red sea anemones dot the rocks.

The Elaphite islands don't have many beaches.  It's more common to find jagged cliffs and shadowy, rainbow-ed caves.  But on the far side of Lopud, Sunj beach is wide and sandy and shallow.  In July and August the sea is bathtub-warm, but even now, in June, it's comfortable for swimming. The sand in Croatia is limestone and bright white, so the shallower regions shine turquoise. Peering over the rim of a kayak, you can spot fish or the rippled sea floor.  

After lunch at a shore-side restaurant, we relax.  The island has no cars, and few inhabitants, and it's peaceful compared to mainland Dubrovnik.  In the afternoon we'll paddle the east side of the island, finishing our circumnavigation.  There's a Benedictine monastery to explore and a friendly town-front once we get back to Lopud port.

There will be ice cream to eat.  Or maybe we'll drink some island-made wine while we wait for the ferry.  

But for now, on Sunj beach, the sand is warm and the sea is breezy

and the conditons are perfect for a little snooze...


I can also state what a gentle traffic-free island Lopud is. I learned to swim at Lopud in 1964 and I have just returned following yet another visit. The sea is crystal clear and crammed with many different species of fish.  
50% of Sunj beach is reserved for naturists (FKK) and there are toilets and two excellent palm-covered beach bars there in this wonderful location. The last time I swam at Sunj beach (pronounced shun) I had two bright blue flying fish swimming around my feet as I paddled into the water (see photo' on my website: <a>www.pick-nick.biz ). 
Lopud is very quiet at nights though it does have three hotels. 
If you want to stay on the island the big Hotel Lafodia is best if you have children or my favourite is the very good boutique-hotel; the Villa Villina. Both are fully air-conditioned. 
The ferry is Jadrolinija's historic ship - the MS.Postira. It has a superb open (aft) upper deck and it sails from Gruz Harbour, Dubrovnik. The Postira is historic because she was built in 1963 for Jadrolinija, in a design that evokes the more elegant ways of travel in days gone by - and she has survived, despite suffering damage, through the civil war! Don't worry about her age as she is lovingly cared-for and she is a very seaworthy vessel - enthusiasts love her and her arrival, at the quay-side, is a time of considerable activity with the passengers coming and going and vital island supplies being loaded and unloaded onto small karts and trollies in the 15 minutes she is allowed to stop at each of her Elaphite destinations. 
Lopud is also handy for Dubrovnik - if you want more "Life" than there is on Lopud. 
I hope that this information is useful to you - it is a wonderful place to go!
Posted @ Sunday, June 19, 2011 7:34 PM by Nick Staveley Stanley
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